Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting To Know Your Leftovers

1. If you don't finish your plate at a restaurant, how often do you take the leftovers home? If you do take them home, do you usually end up eating them?

2. If you order take out and don't finish everything you ordered, how likely is it that you will finish the leftovers in the next day or so?

3. If you are eating a plate/bowl of food at home and don't finish it, but think you might eat it later, would you consider putting the plate/bowl in the fridge "as is" until later? or would you insist on putting it into a tupperware or other sealed container?

4. Do you eat cold pizza? Do you normally reheat leftovers?

5. Do you have a microwave? If so, do you use it a lot?

6. Have you eaten any leftovers today? If so, what? If not, when is the last time you ate leftovers?

(me - 1. Almost always. yes.; 2. Pretty likely; 3. I would probably just put the plate/bowl in the fridge until later; 4. I am not opposed to cold pizza. The only things I usually reheat are dishes with rice.; 5. No, but I used to have one and I used to use it a lot.; 6. Yep - a little Burmese and a little Indian. Yum.)

I realize this is kind of a random topic...


Steph said...

Well, now, this is a creative one.

1. Usually, unless I really didn't like what I ordered. And I do usually eat them later, or Eric does. He's good for that.

2.Very likely. I never order takeout unless it's something I know I'm going to be happy eating more than once.

3. I might stick another plate on top of it or something, but I wouldn't put it in "as is," because I don't like that fridge-y flavor.

4. No. Yes.

5. Yes. Sort of. Sometimes it's just as fast to reheat things on the stove, though.

6. No, but I had leftover rigatoni for lunch yesterday. Usually I let Eric take the leftovers to work, though.

Jake said...

Steph - agreed! :)

1. Almost always, unless I'm too far from home or have a concert or something afterwards. I almost always eat the leftovers.

2. Practically guaranteed. But I order take-out very rarely.

3. Depends on what it is. Usually I'll sealed-container it (not much room with a be-roommated fridge), but bowls I'll sometimes plastic wrap and shove in.

4. No. Yes.

5. Yes. Sometimes; stove or oven is better for most things I reheat.

6. Not yet. Um. Last night, leftover sketties I had made last week.

Suze said...

1. Yes, and yes. We hardly ever go out to eat, though. And I eat a lot still (from nursing all the time) that there aren't often leftovers :)

2. Pretty likely. We like leftovers around here.

3. I usually seal it up. However, I sometimes put the kids' plates in the fridge as is to make it easier for the sitter.

4. Yuck. I always heat it up.

5. Yes, we have one, but it's small and crappy and resides on top of the fridge due to limited counter space. We use it a lot for warming up milk (Daniel likes his milk warm) and water for tea, and sometimes leftovers, too.

6. No I have not. We just got back from a trip to the Dells with my husband's family, so lunch was fresh from the store!