Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nose Mystery

I have always wondered why my nose looked totally normal as a child and then at some point during high school became crooked. Did I break my nose at some point? Today I have figured out what happened and I am so weirded out. When I was in high school and had braces, I also had a palate expander. A good friend of mine from Boston told me a long time ago that when he had his palate expander, it actually broke his nose, but I never put it all together. I just did some online research and discovered that your palate is the "floor of the nose" and using a palate expander will expand and change the appearance of your nose. Does that mean it might make your nose look like it was broken? I'm thinking yes. Holy crap. This is what I found:

"The palatal expander works to spread the bone suture on the palate, which is also the floor of the nose. Depending on the amount of spreading of the palate, the nose can definitely get wider. If excessive widening occurs her entire facial appearance can change... When excessive widening is necessary to reach the goal, surgical intervention is often used to assist in the movement and minimize the amount of facial change... The only way to regain a more pleasing anatomical appearance will be with plastic surgery."


I don't really know what happened. I looked so normal as a child, but then I got crazy crooked teeth and went through an incredibly long awkward phase with braces and glasses and the works. I've always thought that as an adult, with contacts and relatively straight teeth, that I look ok, especially since I look so much better than I did during my super awkward phase. I mean, I guess I really needed the braces, so having a crooked nose now is probably a small price to pay. But I had no idea that part of what fixed my teeth "broke" my nose. Weird. Should I get a nose job to fix it?


Aly said...

This is going to sound stupid and dismissive, but my initial reaction: you look fine: you worry too much.

That being said, I have not gone through the judgmental meat grinder of being a woman in image-obsessed America. If it really makes you unhappy, do it. Although if you do it, do it for yourself.

My 2 cents. Peace.

Pam said...

Thanks, Aly. It would be really cool if I could embrace how funny looking I am. I think it's just going to take some time. It doesn't help that I was just rejected by someone I love for not being attractive enough. Now I feel like I'm the ugliest most funny looking person who ever lived. Hopefully that will start to shift in time. But you knew all that.

tkempton said...

Pam. PAM! You are not funny looking. You are not ugly. You are not even remotely ugly. You aren't even in the same state as ugly! I say skip the nose job, buy yourself some sassy new shoes and go out dancing!!!

Lara said...

Pamels, I have never thought of your nose as "crooked" and don't think for a second that you are "funny looking". I would not advocate a nose job unless breathing was impaired or to correct some kind of facial disfigurement from a car accident or something. As a singer, the thought of any surgery in the ENT region is a little scary. And look at what happened to Jennifer Grey after her nose job! No more career. Anyway, you're beautiful and I hope you feel better about everything soon.

Suze said...

Oh, Pam! You're beautiful!! SO beautiful! Don't change a thing, and don't for a minute talk yourself into a nose job, or even the possibility, for a guy.

Interesting factoid about the braces, though. I had no idea.

Pam said...

Well, now I just feel silly. I guess that's what awesome friends are for! Thanks! You all pass the test. :-)

Aly said...

I second the Jennifer Grey comment. Beware of the curse!

I had a feeling those was about the breakup but didn't just want to bring it up insensitively. It's obviously doing a number on your self-esteem, which is understandable, but I would humbly suggest that the way he broke up with you indicates that he's not exactly someone to be listened to about anything, especially how you look. Just sayin'. Keep your head up. Peace.