Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm packing up my stuff today so I can move into my new apartment tomorrow. I have never been so poorly prepared for a move. I can hardly believe how slowly I'm going with all of this. I am normally super organized about moving. Part of what is difficult here on this busy city street is not having my car right in front of my apartment to use easily. That means I have to do several more runs just to get boxes, walking down the street with a huge stack of boxes in my hands. Well, now it just occurs to me that when the "NO STOPPING" / "TOW ZONE" period ends on my street this morning, maybe I can park my car there... Anyway, I guess I'm dragging my feet because I'm finally moving out of the place where I lived with someone I loved for two years. In a way, I am excited to start fresh in a new place of my own, but I can't help also being sad to leave behind all my old hopes and dreams -- and the fun and good times we had here. But alas, it is time to get cracking.

**UPDATE: One trip to the grocery store in my car was all I needed to get more than enough boxes. Yay!**

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