Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 1: Blog Writing Challenge

It's 6:51am on Saturday morning and I've just rolled out of bed for the first day of my writing challenge. Not only am I super tired, but I've been sick for the last couple of days, so my head is full of snot, which makes it much harder to think clearly. In fact, I have no idea what to write about and wonder if I am still essentially in a dream state. I have Ravel's String Quartet going through my head.

For nearly 30 years of my life I lived in upstate New York. I lived in Syracuse for the first 18 years and then Rochester for the following 11. Since then I have lived in Boston, Madison, and now San Francisco, which are all wonderful places, but there are some things about upstate New York which I miss very much. One of those things is Wegmans, the giant supermarket. I also miss having a driveway in which to park and more importantly in which to unload the groceries which I have just purchased at Wegmans.

Wow. This is really difficult. I just don't really feel like I can think at all right now. I am currently making french press coffee, but it is not ready yet. I'm not surprised that I feel this incoherent. I wonder if getting up this early on a regular basis will lead to greater coherency at this time. I saw a chart of circadian rhythms yesterday on that showed that your blood pressure should be the highest at 6:45am that it is all day. Just out of curiosity, maybe I will take mine to see. Systolic number is 100. Yay. That is on the high side for me.

Ok. It's 7:13am and I have just had my first sip of coffee. My challenge to myself was that I need to post by 7:30am. The reason for this is that I normally work at 9:00am on weekdays. But it's Saturday and I'm sick today and am not even teaching any students. Which, I guess, brings me to a good topic. I feel awful, awful, awful every time I cancel students or call in sick to work. I guess I was instilled with a pretty solid work ethic. My mother always bragged about the fact that she never took a sick day from work. I wonder if her parents never took sick days either. All I know is that I feel really pathetic when I take sick days. On Thursday, I was not feeling well. My boss called in sick with a cold and that made me realize that the reason I felt like I had just been knocked out could very well be because I, too, was sick. I had an appointment with my trainer at the gym at Noon and after much debate, decided to go, thinking that maybe working out would make me feel better. At the gym I felt feverish and with each set of exercises started to feel more and more lightheaded. I told my trainer I felt like I was having an out of body experience. He said, "That's not good." After I left the gym and got back to the office, I sat in my desk chair and stared into space for about 10 minutes and then realized that I couldn't think at all and was pretty much no good for working. I stayed for probably 30 more minutes and then went home sick. I subsequently came down with a head cold.

Well, it's 7:34am and I was supposed to post this 4 minutes ago. I am far from satisfied with how this came out, but, I guess, I did what I set out to do.

*ETA: Ooh... I see that the post time is the time I *started* the post! So, it doesn't even show what time I finished writing!!


Suze said...

It's too bad people go to work sick. My husband carpools with a guy who admitted he'd had a fever all day one day this week but felt like he couldn't miss work b/c of deadlines coming up, etc. So he took all those germs to work with him and wasn't very productive because he didn't feel well. If you work when you're sick, you won't be as productive, you can make other people sick and it takes longer to feel better.

Sorry about the finger-wagging, but I think this is a real problem in our country. We have such a skewed work ethic we don't think about our own health.

(That said, I have to take care of my kids even when I'm sick, so I guess I don't get time off, either! Ha!)

Anyway, hugs and I hope you feel better soon.

Pam said...

I think you make a good point. People come to work sick in my office all the time and then consequently other people get sick. It's hard to stay clear of sick people, but harder when they are around you at work.

One thing that is difficult for me is that for the last year and a half I have been dealing with a weird syndrome (P.O.T.S.) that from time to time makes me feel like I have the flu. There have been many days when I am not sure if I actually have a virus or if I am just having a bad POTS day. And the thing with POTS is that if I stay in bed, I will inevitably feel worse, so I have to make myself get up and exercise and do things I don't want to do if I want to feel better. The only way I know how to make a distinction at this point is that I think if I have a significant head cold and a fever, I most likely have a virus. So then I stay home.