Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 3: Blog Writing Challenge

Good morning. So, this morning, when my alarm went off, I was square in the middle of a dream*. I am still trying to wake up. Nashira is sitting on my lap (and on top of my left arm) keeping me warm. It is cold in this apartment.

Last evening, after eating a delicious meal of two fried eggs (over hard, in butter) and buttered french bread toast, I watched a documentary called *Naked States*. *Naked States* is about a photographer who does really nice artful nude poses, who decides he wants to photograph someone nude in every state of the U.S. Although in the film he professes to not be a nudist and the scene in which he works with nudists shows them to be the least cooperative of all his subjects, the film really does something to normalize nudity. There was nothing sexual about any of the nudity in the film. There were just lots of naked bodies of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes he photographed just one or two people and sometimes he photographed hundreds of people (like in the middle of the street in NYC and in front of the Boston Public Library) or thousands of people (at a Phish concert in Maine). The scene of 1,000+ people lying in a field in Maine is incredible. All the people are lying on their backs with their hands at their sides looking in the same direction. The bodies look like ripples in an ocean or something. It's really quite beautiful. There is a little political commentary in the film about why it's illegal for us to be naked and at the beginning of the film the photographer gets arrested for causing a public nuisance or something, but most of the film centers around the photographer asking random people if they would be willing to pose nude, seeing their initial reactions, and then how they feel afterwards. Most of the people, or at least those who are filmed talking about their experience, are liberated by the experience. It was quite interesting. I have to say, I love documentaries.

*A person who I think was my friend, Cliff O., but sometimes took the form of Dave S. (the bassoon kind), was at my house (which might have been in the Eastman dorm), hanging out with me and my cousin Julia. We were all sitting on my bed while he was painting my cat, who was Vana in the dream, blue. He was painting the tips of her ears at first, but then when I looked at her more closely, I could see that he was also painting her eyeballs, which upset me, but I wasn't super upset, I was just kind of concerned and joked with him about it. We were talking about how my brother, Eddie, had gone running and we, too, were going to exercise or something. I think right before I woke up, he left to go do something he needed to do before we exercised. And earlier in the dream there was a scene in which I was in the middle of a staircase that looked like something dorm-ish. The walls were red brick, though. I don't really remember the details with any certainty.

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