Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 8: BWC - Story

Part 1: Fiona

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Fiona who lived with her mom, dad, her younger brother Jack, her cat Soupy Sales, and two turtles in a big house by the side of a park in Madison, Wisconsin. Fiona was a very happy girl who liked to giggle a lot. In fact, her mom, dad, and brother Jack were always trying to get her to laugh, because when she laughed it made them all feel very happy, too. Everyone who ever met Fiona instantly loved her and even the cat and the two turtles would follow her around wherever she went, although usually the turtles lived in a cage. But even in their cage, they would stand up against the side watching Fiona, hoping she would come by to visit them, which she often did. Fiona looked exactly like you're picturing her, to a tee! But, there was one thing about Fiona that you might not have guessed. Fiona was just a little girl, but she was already becoming an expert detective. And, not the usual kind of detective. It's true that if anyone lost their keys, Fiona knew exactly where they were. But, also, if someone was unhappy or if two people were arguing about something, Fiona knew exactly what the solution was to that kind of problem, too. She didn't know a lot of words yet, but somehow she knew just enough and just exactly the right ones.

Part 2: Jack

Also, once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack who also lived with his mom, dad, older sister Fiona, his cat Soupy Sales, and two turtles in a big house by the side of a park in Madison, Wisconsin. Jack was a very agile boy who liked to do acrobatics. In fact, his mom, dad, and sister Fiona were always trying to get Jack to do flips and cartwheels because they were so amazing to watch. Everyone who met Jack instantly loved him, because he was also a very happy and loving little boy. The cat and turtles, however, liked to watch him from a safe distance because they never knew when he might run across the floor into a front flip with a half twist. Jack looked just exactly like you're picturing him. He wasn't full of words yet, but he was a good listener and he liked to help his older sister when she was doing her detective work.