Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 9: BWC - Story Continued

Part 3: An Unusual Transformation

One evening after dinner, Fiona and Jack were playing with some blocks in the living room while their mom and dad did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Suddenly, they heard a loud gasp and then an even louder crash. Jack jumped over Fiona and the blocks and in one leap, two cartwheels, and a back flip was peeking by the side of the kitchen door to survey the scene. He could see that his father had dropped several dishes, which had broken into many tiny pieces all over the floor. He also saw that Soupy Sales had jumped on top of his mother's head. Both his father and mother were standing frozen with shocked looks on their faces, staring at something on the other side of the room. Jack motioned for Fiona to come see what was happening. She and Jack peeked around the corner to see what their mom, dad, and Soupy Sales were staring at on the other side of the room. They couldn't believe their eyes! The turtles, who had been out of their cages to eat their cantaloupe, had suddenly grown to twenty times their normal size! The turtles stood staring at one another looking very confused.

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