Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year

In addition to another popular holiday, today is Chinese New Year, which brings me to think about something that has been puzzling me for a while. Why don't I like Chinese food? I enjoy (and even *love*) most Asian food I've eaten: Thai, Burmese, Nepalese, Indian, Japanese, etc. But, I have to say, I just really don't like Chinese cuisine. It recently occurred to me that maybe the reason I don't have a positive connotation with Chinese food is that when I was growing up, my family regularly ate canned chow mein. I'm sorry to say that I just never really liked it. And, other than that, my experience with Chinese food has mostly been fried rice that is super greasy and looks like it could possibly have any number of bizarre items in it. Perhaps the problem is that I just haven't found a dish that I really like. I mean, China is an enormous place. There *must* be some Chinese food that I like.

How do you feel about Chinese food? Are there any particular dishes that you enjoy? Are there certain regional foods that you like better than others?

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Jake said...

Love Chinese food! Everything from real hard-core Chinese to the American-ized fare we so often eat (general gau's chicken, I'm talking to you here). Nothing beats a great dim-sum brunch, though I do draw the line at the chicken feet. Or duck feet.

As a whole, it can be salty, it's not often uncooked or par-cooked the way other Asian cuisines will be, but it's very satisfying. But just as McDonald's is not a good way to learn about American food, the corner greasy Chinese joint isn't a good way to learn that language. Find a good place and go with someone who loves it so they can help guide you through the labyrinthine menus. Enjoy!