Monday, February 01, 2010

Day 10: BWC - Slight Change of Plans

Good morning! Well, I need to change my blog writing challenge a little. I've decided to try exercising in the morning and there's only so much time... My mission in starting this was to inspire myself to get up earlier and that mission has been accomplished, so I feel good about that. For the rest of the 30 days, the challenge to myself will just be to write something every day with no restriction on when it has to be done or how long it has to be. I can live with that. I really like this blog and I can hardly believe I've been doing it for four years. Is that possible?! Wow. I always think the most fun thing about having a blog is when I say something that inspires reader comments, which is why "Controversy Monday" and "Quiz Friday" and "Getting To Know You" have always been so much fun to me. But I also like that I can post pretty much anything, including a random story. No rules. I like that. And, I try to remind myself that just because people don't post comments doesn't mean they aren't reading. Well, I'm off to try a little aerobic hill climbing. Happy Monday. :-)

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