Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Day 11: BWC

Part 4

Not knowing how much bigger the turtles might get, Fiona and Jack's mom and dad decided they should stay in the back yard for the time being. It wasn't too cold and it just seemed safer that way. While their dad swept up the broken dishes, their mom escorted the turtles into the back and then started searching for Soupy Sales. Fiona and Jack followed the turtles outside and everyone was so distracted, no one even noticed that they went outside without jackets or shoes on. In fact, no one noticed that they went outside at all. And, it wasn't long before they discovered that now the turtles were the perfect size to ride on. So, Fiona and Jack were riding turtles around the perimeter of the yard while their mom was lying down half-way under the house calling to Soupy Sales, who had retreated into its far recesses. They could hear the sound of broken dishes clanking and a sweeping broom from inside. And, when the turtles got to the part of the fence that was open and led to the woods, they kept going.

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