Monday, November 22, 2010

Almost 100%

This weekend I am feeling a lot better. Singing didn't feel great in church this morning, but it also didn't feel that bad. There has definitely been progress.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I took some time off from my office job so that I could take care of some things that I've been wanting to do for months, but haven't been able to find the time to do. The beginning of the week was pretty slow, since I was feeling pretty sick, but in retrospect, I would say I accomplished a lot!

Here are some of the things I am most proud of -- proud because I had been putting off doing them for such a ridiculously long time:

- Got new eyeglasses. I pretty much only wear my glasses from the time I walk from the bathroom to my bed at night until the time I walk to the bathroom to put on my contacts in the morning, but my eyesight is really bad (-10.5 in one eye and -11.5 in the other with astygmatism) so... I kind of need the glasses. For almost a *year*, I have been wearing glasses that are held together with a safety pin on one side and tape on the other. It was a gradual decline and I milked it for every moment possible, but new glasses *had* to be ordered!

- Ordered a digital recorder. I have been meaning to do this ever since I realized that the MiniDisc player was going nowhere and it was too much of a pain to transfer my recordings, but I've been putting it off. Now after hearing the results of a couple of recent live performances, I realize how much I really need to be recording rehearsals!

- Got rid of my futon. My kitty cat, who I love with all of my heart, peed on my futon mattress months ago. I tried every method in the book to get the smell out, but she peed there again - repeat - and then again - repeat... and I realized the method I was using was just not working. I had been meaning to get rid of the bed for a while for other reasons, including the fact that my apartment has a very comfortable Murphy bed that comes out of the wall and I have only been using the futon as a couch anyway, but I just never got around to it. Finally - I called the scavenger pick up people to get the futon, sold the futon frame on Craigslist, and then bought a loveseat. Woo hoo!

- Rearranged the furniture in my apartment in a way that I like better and makes more sense.

- Wrote an email to an old professor about a choral recording I did during college that I never heard about again to find out if it was ever released and found out the music from that recording session was put onto five different CDs released by NAXOS between 2003-2006. Neat!

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