Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Notes from the day before Thanksgiving

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I am feeling now like the acupuncture was probably worth it and I think I am going to try it again sometime from a less expensive practitioner. I slept really well last night and I can't say for sure that I know why, but I am willing to consider that it might have been because of the acupuncture. Of course, I also have been on vacation from my office job for over a week now, so my schedule has been pretty light. I'm feeling good about the things I've accomplished, and am generally feeling more relaxed and at ease.

On another note, today it just started to hit me how much I miss seeing my family at Thanksgiving time. Growing up, we did the exact same thing with the exact same people every year until I was about 26 or 27. After both of my maternal grandparents passed away and then my aunt and uncle moved to Florida and my brother moved to Denver, I was still able to celebrate with at least my mom and dad. I am very thankful for the good friend I will be spending Thanksgiving with this year. I had a wonderful time at her place last year and I'm sure I will again tomorrow. But, there will always be a part of me that remembers and misses that big family gathering at the long table with all of the delicious food, all of my relatives sitting side by side, all getting along, and all excited about eating and being together. We still always talk on the phone on Thanksgiving day and I am looking forward to that.

It's not quite 9:00am and it's 41 degrees and sunny in San Francisco. I'm not used to it being this cold here! This is really my last day to try to accomplish things I want to get done on my stay-cation. Today won't be a fun job. I'm going to be sorting through papers. But, I'm imagining the sense of accomplishment once it's done will be mighty sweet. And then tomorrow, Thanksgiving!


Suze said...

I've never tried acupuncture...did you treat something in particular? Or was it just for general health?

Happy Thanksgiving, Pam!!

Pam said...

I thought I'd see if it could help me get off the blood volume enhancer and vasoconstrictor meds I take. It's not a simple fix by any means, but might be useful if I can find someone I can afford to go to regularly. Happy happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!