Monday, December 27, 2010

Changes in plan

I went to the airport tonight fully expecting to get on a plane to Detroit and then get on another plane to Syracuse at the crack of dawn.  I couldn't think of a single reason why it shouldn't happen.  The storm is much farther east, so why should any of my flights be cancelled?  Not only is there not supposed to be any snow in either Detroit or Syracuse tonight, but even if there was, both cities are known for their ability to deal with snow.  Syracuse has already had 72" and from all reports I've heard, everybody is going about business as usual.  Unfortunately however, when I got to SFO at 8:30pm this evening, I found out the soonest I could expect to arrive in Syracuse is midnight on Tuesday.  And, I might as well go home and get some sleep because they re-routed me through Chicago and the connecting flight doesn't leave until 9pm tomorrow and I could get on a plane tonight, but then I'd just end up waiting all day tomorrow at O'Hare.  Actually, my original flight to Detroit is due to leave as scheduled, but the connecting flight from Detroit to Syracuse was cancelled for reasons unknown and I would have ended up stranded in Detroit.  Since JFK is closed right now because of heavy snowfall, it can be speculated that either the flight was cancelled as a precaution or the back up of passengers waiting to leave NYC took precedence over my need to get home.

One of my co-workers has been talking a lot lately about how Mercury is in Retrograde, explaining this phenomenon as the reason why so many things are not working out as planned.  I have to confess that Astrology is something that doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense to me.  As much as people have given me examples about all the commonalities they see amongst friends who are one star sign or another, I just can't see that there truly are any logical correlations.  And, I can't say whether being told you are probably going to turn out a certain way might influence how you actually turn out.  That said, it does seem like a lot of kooky things have been going on lately.  Still, isn't that often the case around the holidays?

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Suze said...

I think global climate change is a more likely culprit than Mercury...
Sorry to hear about the travel mess, though. I hope you make it home to Syracuse without too much more trouble!