Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting to Know YOU

1. What musical things have you done today?

2. Did you watch the lunar eclipse?

3. Have you had any egg nog yet this season?

4. What do you like best about the holidays?

5. What is your favorite board game? Or, if you don't like board games, what sort of games do you prefer to play?

[Me: 1. I practiced violin this Noon and I had choir rehearsal this evening; 2. Yes - I watched quite a bit of it from my window until the moon was covered by clouds, then I watched the whole thing on a time lapse video; 3. Yes - in several varieties; 4. Seeing my family; 5. Probably Scrabble.]


Suze said...

I'm going to pretend this is yesterday :)

1. Watched Paul Rowe and Martha Fischer perform an absolutely stunning rendition of Winterreise. Seriously, it was riveting.

2. No, too cloudy here :(

3. No, but thanks for the reminder. There's a really yummy eggnog made by a local dairy here (Sassy Cow)!

4. Family. And yes, prezzies :)

5. I second your Scrabble!

Scott said...

1. I sang some silly songs to my daughter to cheer her up. I'm listening to Wayne & Wax's "Remix-mas" which is a great holiday picker-upper.

2. Nope. In bed trying to get sleep while I had some sick babies who kept waking up.

3. Yes. I bought some a couple weeks ago, and the only rum I had in the house was Bacardi 151, and the resulting nog was seriously hardcore.

4. Honestly, I'm not a huge holiday fan. But I like exchanging gifts, and I like noting the shortest day of the year and watching it get longer, and I like all the pretty things people do with candles around this time of year.

5. Hm... Probably Settlers of Catan. But I also like Scattergories, and Wise & Otherwise, and Scrabble, and pretty much any game if I'm with friends and we're all a little tipsy. :)

Pam said...

@Suze: I wish I could have heard Paul and Martha! And, I wish I could sing some Schubert with you!

@Scott: I'm curious about "Remixmas"! I'll have to Google it! And, I've never heard of "Wise and Unwise" either! New stuff! Yay!

Scott said...

Hi Pam!

Here's where to get your free download of "Remix-Mas"...

And "Wise & Otherwise" is kind of a silly game... there's the first half of a very obscure saying from some other culture, and then everybody at the table has to make up the second half. The person whose turn it is has to guess which one is the real ending. It's fun because the sayings are so bizarre, and I like to make people laugh with goofy completions. They're often things like, "There's a saying from Ghana: A man with three blind goats..." and then you have to finish it. Silly fun!

Pam said...

Confucius plays Balderdash! Love it! :-)