Friday, December 03, 2010


Yesterday evening I came home to find 3 big envelopes in my mailbox! My acceptance letter and certificate from NATS, my new glasses, and six concert CDs I ordered from NEC. The CDs are an interesting mix of styles. One is from the Joni Mitchell concert I sang on with the contemporary improvisation department. I sang two unique interpretations of Joni songs I love on a concert along side some of the best jazz and contemporary performers and composers out there. It was neat! One is Hadyn's Harmoniemesse on which I sang the soprano solo with some really talented operatic singers and a great chorus and orchestra. The other three are from the Tuesday Night New Music series, which was the Composer Forum series. The CDs I ordered were of big pieces I did with orchestra. It's been interesting to listen to and revisit these really interesting works. What an interesting and exciting time that was!!

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