Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year

In addition to another popular holiday, today is Chinese New Year, which brings me to think about something that has been puzzling me for a while. Why don't I like Chinese food? I enjoy (and even *love*) most Asian food I've eaten: Thai, Burmese, Nepalese, Indian, Japanese, etc. But, I have to say, I just really don't like Chinese cuisine. It recently occurred to me that maybe the reason I don't have a positive connotation with Chinese food is that when I was growing up, my family regularly ate canned chow mein. I'm sorry to say that I just never really liked it. And, other than that, my experience with Chinese food has mostly been fried rice that is super greasy and looks like it could possibly have any number of bizarre items in it. Perhaps the problem is that I just haven't found a dish that I really like. I mean, China is an enormous place. There *must* be some Chinese food that I like.

How do you feel about Chinese food? Are there any particular dishes that you enjoy? Are there certain regional foods that you like better than others?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ice Cream For Dinner

Yesterday afternoon I had some blood drawn (to make sure I have enough platelets!) and was feeling really tired afterwards, so I took a nap. Then I was hungry, but was still feeling really tired and the only thing "ready to eat" in my house was ice cream. So, for dinner I ate the end of a pint of Ben and Jerry's mint chocolate cookie ice cream and some Mochi Green Tea ice cream. Naturally, afterwards I felt sick to my stomach, because that was kind of a dumb thing to do. As I was walking from my apartment to the garage where my car is parked, I ran into a man who was looking for change in a tree plot on the sidewalk. As I walked by he said to me, "Could you help me out with some change? I'm really hungry." So, I thought for a moment and said, "What would you like to eat?" And he said, "I'd really like ice cream." So, I said, "Where could you get some ice cream?" He reminded me of the place pretty near by that sells gelato. As we were walking that direction, I asked him if he was sure that's what he wanted to eat. I told him that I also had eaten ice cream for dinner, but that ice cream wasn't a very nutritious dinner. He said he thought maybe it was nutritious because there's milk in it. I said maybe that's true, but there is also a lot of sugar in it. Then he said to me that he used to be an alcoholic who drank all day long, but that he'd been sober for 12 years. (He definitely seemed sober to me.) He said he could hardly believe it had been 12 years and that he used to get into a lot of trouble with the law. He told me that he had a sweet tooth and that sugar helped him with his cravings. He also said that he just couldn't seem to get his life together. He didn't know why, but he just couldn't seem to get it together. In the end, I decided to leave him some money and let him make his own choice and I wished him the best of luck. He said he thought I was very nice. I bid him good night.

Later, as I was thinking about that conversation, I was really struck by the fact that this man who used to spend every dime he had on alcohol was now spending it on sugar. And, it occurred to me that I wasn't that unlike this man, since I, too, had eaten ice cream for dinner. While I couldn't judge this man for the choices he was making with his life and I know that giving advice is usually fruitless, especially when it is hypocritical, I knew I could learn something from the exchange. I haven't been eating that well lately. When I live alone and eat alone, I have a tendency to not cook for myself. I eat Luna bars and yogurt instead of cooking a healthy meal with vegetables and grains. I think I'm going to change that.

Friday, February 12, 2010


As I browse the internet on my laptop, my kitty likes to sit with me, sometimes on my lap between me and the computer, which requires some serious "typing with kitty on arms* skills. Also, sometimes she also likes to lick my hands while I type. :-) :-) :-)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


A few years ago my brother took two LPs of my uncle playing saxophone and put them onto CDs. I hadn't really listened to them much before this week, but have listened to one of them for the last two mornings before work and I really like it. It's saxophone and piano and unfortunately I can't really read the tiny print that says what the pieces are (since it was reduced from LP size to CD size), but they are really nice and my uncle's playing is really beautiful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long Days

Four long days in a row. I'm on day 3. I'm done at 10 tonight and will be glad when tomorrow evening comes around. I wish I could be more prepared for this rehearsal tonight, but I really just can't be and that kind of sucks. Good news, though. Monday is a holiday! Yay!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I really am growing to love my apartment. I do wish it was bigger, but in a way, it's kind of nice having everything in such a compact space, and I have enough closet space that it's not really that crowded at all.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


So, as it turns out, our world may be a giant hologram. Just thought I'd let you know.

Whip It!

I watched a really fun movie last night called *Whip It* that was directed by Drew Barrymore. It was a serious girl power extravaganza. It made me want a roller derby name.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Plastic vs Paper

When I think of it, if I have the choice between a 100% post-consumer recycled paper bag and a plastic bag, why would I ever choose the plastic bag? I have heard arguments that make it sound like each are equally bad, but if the paper bag is made of all recycled materials, isn't that inherently better? Ideally, I would always use my own reusable bags to take groceries or other items I have purchased, but if I absolutely must take a bag, why would I ever choose plastic that takes 450-1000 years to break down? Your thoughts?

By the way...

THANKS for reading my blog!

Day 14: Getting To Know You

1. What are you sitting on? (or are you standing?)
2. What is the last thing you drank/ate?
3. Is there music on where you are right now? If not, what sounds can you here?
4. What do you smell?
5. What is one thing that you *have* to accomplish today?
6. Who is one person in your life who you love or have loved? What is one thing that you loved about him/her?
7. What is something that you are looking forward to?

(me: 1. a rolling office chair, 2. coffee, 3. no music, i can hear several different office conversations, the sound of people typing, the humming of office equipment, the sound of trucks passing on the street, 4. coffee, 5. i have a dvd i need to return (this is it), 6. my grandma, Geneva. i loved her hands, especially when she held my hand. they were so warm and loving, 7. i am looking forward to trying out a new chakra toning meditation that i wrote, with a student or other willing volunteer. :-))

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Day 13: Mad about this stupid article!

I came across this really irresponsible and misleading article about bullying on the front page of Yahoo yesterday. The link I provided above is actually to the original article in Live Science, which includes comments from disgruntled readers at the bottom. The Yahoo article has no space for such commentary, which I find upsetting, since Yahoo is such a widely viewed site. I posted the article on Facebook yesterday because I was so upset by it and basically wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way. Many people responded that they, too, had issues with it. The article is based on a study, which could possibly have actually been a good study. But, the article about it leaves so many important things out, it strikes me as incredibly irresponsible journalism.

The article is about why kids get bullied and rejected at school and comes to the conclusion that it is because they have poor social skills and difficulty interpreting nonverbal cues from peers. Not only does it not address the obvious factor that kids who *bully* have psychological issues (desire for retaliation, poor impulse control), but it also doesn't acknowledge that if a kid isn't raised in a home that prepares him/her to give witty retorts to aggressors, the inability to do so might only be because of *inexperience*, not poor social skills (as a friend pointed out). And then, of course, there are parents who teach their kids to "turn the other cheek" and not engage in fighting! Poor parenting??! This article really incensed me! It seems to me like the message in it is that bullying is an important and normal social skill that is crucial to normal development and if one doesn't learn how to engage in it, there is something wrong with them. Aargh!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Spoiled Milk

I drank some spoiled milk this morning and am feeling pretty nauseous. Ick. I'll write later.

*ETA: My landlord came by today to verify that my refrigerator is not working properly. I am most likely getting a new one on Friday. Yay!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A little homesick

I found this picture on the internet today and it made me feel a little bit homesick. Funny that. But, I haven't seen snow in well over a year.

Day 11: BWC

Part 4

Not knowing how much bigger the turtles might get, Fiona and Jack's mom and dad decided they should stay in the back yard for the time being. It wasn't too cold and it just seemed safer that way. While their dad swept up the broken dishes, their mom escorted the turtles into the back and then started searching for Soupy Sales. Fiona and Jack followed the turtles outside and everyone was so distracted, no one even noticed that they went outside without jackets or shoes on. In fact, no one noticed that they went outside at all. And, it wasn't long before they discovered that now the turtles were the perfect size to ride on. So, Fiona and Jack were riding turtles around the perimeter of the yard while their mom was lying down half-way under the house calling to Soupy Sales, who had retreated into its far recesses. They could hear the sound of broken dishes clanking and a sweeping broom from inside. And, when the turtles got to the part of the fence that was open and led to the woods, they kept going.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Day 10: BWC - Slight Change of Plans

Good morning! Well, I need to change my blog writing challenge a little. I've decided to try exercising in the morning and there's only so much time... My mission in starting this was to inspire myself to get up earlier and that mission has been accomplished, so I feel good about that. For the rest of the 30 days, the challenge to myself will just be to write something every day with no restriction on when it has to be done or how long it has to be. I can live with that. I really like this blog and I can hardly believe I've been doing it for four years. Is that possible?! Wow. I always think the most fun thing about having a blog is when I say something that inspires reader comments, which is why "Controversy Monday" and "Quiz Friday" and "Getting To Know You" have always been so much fun to me. But I also like that I can post pretty much anything, including a random story. No rules. I like that. And, I try to remind myself that just because people don't post comments doesn't mean they aren't reading. Well, I'm off to try a little aerobic hill climbing. Happy Monday. :-)