Sunday, January 23, 2011


So... since January 1, 2011, I have not been eating any refined sugar or flour.  This was in an effort to try to adopt a healthier diet and also as a measure that I hoped would help me lose a few pounds.  I thought I would try this first before going on a strict exercise regime, since my free time is severely limited and I have been trying to practice violin for an hour every day.  Three weeks later, it seems that I have not lost any weight at all, but I am definitely eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and a lot less crap and I'm sure it's a good thing.  But... if I am going to get even healthier, I'm going to need to start exercising again.  I actually belong to a gym, but I haven't been there since I stopped doing weekly physical training sessions and didn't want to have to confront the pushy sales staff (whose offices are located right next to the women's locker room).  My gym actually has multiple locations, so I could go to another slightly less convenient location or I could even exercise in my own living room.  I walk at least two miles a day and often more, often up steep hills, but other than that I am not getting any exercise.  Seems like I could go back to some of the routines I remember from my weight training sessions, since I have free weights at home.  The thing I have to live with, though, is that I might just be doing this for the sake of my health and that's it.  I might not have the energy and stamina it takes to actually lose any weight.  And... maybe that's ok.

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