Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting To Know You

1. What is your favorite day of the week right now?
2. What is good about Tuesdays?
3. Do you watch television?  If so, what's the best night for TV these days?  (If you don't watch TV currently, what was a good night for TV at some time in your life?)
4. What day do you usually do the laundry?
5. What day(s) are you looking forward to this week?

(me: 1. Sunday; 2. My rehearsal on Tuesday night does not require too much brainpower, so it's a relatively painless day over all; 3. I don't have a TV now, but when I was in college, I used to like watching Thursday night Must See TV; 4. Saturday or Sunday; 5. Saturday and Sunday!)


Suze said...

1. Friday, or maybe even Thursday. I like anticipating the weekend better than the actual weekend, which always goes by too fast.

2. Umm. Hm. I co-teach a preschool class/playgroup, and the days it goes well (I do all the music stuff) can be very rewarding. On the other hand, there are days when I spend the whole time trying to get the kids' attention and stop beating each other with the rhythm sticks. Usually it's the former :)

3. Oh yes! Right now, I love the Downton Abbey series on Masterpiece Classics Sunday night, but that's only this month. My husband and I like the Thursday night NBC line-up (30 Rock, Parks and Rec)

4. The real question is, what day DON'T I do laundry?

5. I'm looking forward to my weekly Wednesday night rehearsal with the singer I currently accompany (we always have tea beforehand). Thursday and Friday I'm looking forward to as well.

Scott said...

1. Saturday. The whole family's here, and there's no pressure for my wife to get too much work done, and it's the closest we get to a relaxing weekend.

2. Tuesday morning there's an awesome story hour at the local library for the kiddies.

3. I watch TV on Netflix, so I don't know what happens on what night. But as for what to watch, I am completely addicted to Weeds.

4. Every day! I have 2 kids, and I cloth diaper them both.

5. I'm looking forward to Thursday. DATE NIGHT!

Pam said...

I love you guys!!!! It's always so fun to catch up with you! :-)