Friday, January 14, 2011

The Internet Is Fun

Protactinium - A short-lived, naturally occuring, radioactive element, extremely rare and expensive. (Gr. protos: first)
Mithril - A durable silvery metal that is very light and easy to work, mined by Dwarves in Middle Earth. (mith, 'grey', and ril, 'glitter')
Elementium - A rare element that came from the Elemental Plane in World of Warcraft.
Lanthanum - A very reactive, soft, rare-earth metal. Used for high intensity lighting. (Greek lanthanein: to lie hidden)

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Suze said...

The most fun one in my name is:
Adamantium - The most durable substance ever to be created by Marvel Comics scientists - used by Wolverine and others.

Pam said...

Cool! :-)