Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Today I watched a video of myself singing and playing violin.  I was mostly fine with it, but it was hard to ignore the fact that I have put on more than a few pounds this year.  The problem is, I want to be thinner and I am happy with making an effort to eat better, but in all honesty my free time is so limited and there are so many things I want to do, I don't realistically see daily trips to the gym in my future.

I wonder how much weight I could lose just from eating better?  I walk a mile and a half to and from work every day and sometimes take a walk at lunch, but other than that, I am not getting any exercise.  I have started practicing violin regularly, which probably burns a few calories, but I'm not doing any hard core exercise at all.  And, I have been eating a lot of sweets and pastries lately...  I wonder what would happen if I were to just cut out refined sugar and flour?  I guess we'll see...  That's going to be my New Year's Resolution.  Wish me luck!


Scott said...

You can totally lose weight without increasing your exercise. I did it myself a couple years ago (and gained it back since, but hey... I'm about to start a little diet of my own). You can do it!

Whole grains and beans and other fiber-y foods are ideal, because they keep you fuller longer. Because really, whatever diet you like, the long and short of it is that you just have to eat fewer calories.

Anyway, yay for New Years resolutions, and yay for eating well, and yay for you playing violin and singing at the same time. Yay!

Pam said...

Yay! Thank you, Scott!! And, I just want to let you know that singing and playing the violin is still really fun. I am setting some Emily Bronte poems right now! Well... I will continue doing it once I have finished leaving this comment! :-)