Saturday, July 02, 2011


I'm taking a little break from cleaning my apartment. My landlord is showing the place in a couple of hours and I'm trying to make it look as nice as I can. This is a beautiful studio apartment. Not only do I have a really lovely southern view of the city and beyond, but I have shiny hardwood floors, a high moulded ceiling, a small extra room between the main room and the kitchen, two big closets, a murphy bed hidden by a french door with a glass doorknob, and built in bookshelves with glass doors. It's been perfect for teaching, since I can easily hide my bed, and is in a really great location, close to great restaurants, bars, cafes, historic sites, public transportation, and the office where I've been working is only a fifteen minute walk away. I have never in my life paid so much money in rent, but I don't regret having had the opportunity to enjoy this absolutely charming and delightful living space. I feel blessed to have lived here.

Yesterday I had my last day at the office. My co-workers took me out for a really nice lunch and gave me some really nice presents and cards. It was really sweet. We did a lot of hugging and saying mushy things. :-) So now, until I leave town, I will just be teaching voice lessons and have about eight services (rehearsals/performances) combined for a church and professional choir. I have a lot of work to do in the area of cleaning, packing, and still some more planning to do to get ready for the move, too. I expect to be pretty busy.

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