Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some Poems from 2000-06

The path underfoot
is full of fallen
branches and stones,

images of love
cutting the soles
of my feet,

leaf-covered mud,
smelling of decay,
failing to cleanse them.

There is a place up ahead
where the water
is clear and healing,
where the sun’s light
is brilliant,

where her reflection
in a new set of eyes
reveals many uncharted paths.

The womb of comfort
needed to give birth
to this.


Just when I thought the world was bleak,
you took my hand and led me
through dark, muddy woods
to a place that could have been
mistaken for the moon
for its luminous clarity.
You sat with me and held me
while the aching beast of my heart
bled across the lunar landscape.
I could see the sun, the blue sky,
my dreams reflected in your eyes,
and your gracious humanity,
emanating from your soul
into the world.


our bodies move toward each other,
sometimes one body sinks under the other
causing a very slow collision
creating curving trenches
thousands of kilometers long

sometimes when our two bodies meet head-on,
neither is subducted,
like two colliding icebergs,
we both resist downward motion
instead, our crusts buckle
we are pushed upward or sideways.

sometimes my body pushes into and is
subducted under your body.
in turn i am lifted up,
like the towering andes mountains.
but even though as a whole I am sinking
smoothly and continuously into your trench,
the deepest parts of me break into smaller pieces
locked in place for long periods of time
then suddenly moving to generate large eruptions
often accompanied by uplift of as much as a few meters


My heart is a Magnolia tree
that blooms one week in spring.
The blossoms fall to the ground
to make a pink blanket
and then scatter in the wind.


When I think of you
I remember
your mouth open
fast asleep
in front of the television

and in the morning
frying bacon
in your boxer shorts

your coffee
with cinnamon and vanilla extract
pancakes laced
with cream of wheat

playing cards
and singing songs
for hours

you singing the first act of la traviata
in the shower
me standing outside the door

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