Friday, November 11, 2011

Still Writing After All These Years

As a young child, I wrote lots of fantastical and optimistic stories that involved ordinary people having extraordinary experiences with magical creatures. My writing demonstrated a charming disregard for natural order that is sometimes simply hilarious.

At some point, probably coinciding with puberty and/or my parents' divorce, the stories became a bit dark and my childhood optimism gave way to the more extreme emotions of adolescence. And then, in High School, I stopped writing stories entirely and I started writing poetry. Poetry allowed me to express my tender emotions cryptically and artistically. It helped heal the wounds of heartache in a way that nothing else ever could.

I know that I continued to write poetry into college and even took a creative writing class there, but until I recently discovered an old computer file of poems, I had forgotten that I continued to write poetry until sometime in the year 2006, just before I started this blog. I do seem to gravitate towards writing and even reading non-fiction these days, but I sometimes wonder if taking another class or just getting out the watering can would reveal that I have more fiction in me to write.

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