Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quiz Friday

subject: Christmas

1. Will you be celebrating Christmas this year? If so, where and how?
2. What is your favorite hymn or Christmas melody?
3. What is the first Christmas present you remember asking for and getting really excited about?
4. Are you performing Christmas music on any concerts or other programs this year?
5. Will you celebrate any other holidays this December?

(me: 1. yes. at church on the day and then in denver with my family. 2. "on this day earth shall ring". 3. the sheet music book for the musical "annie". 4. yes. i'll be singing some traditional solos on a concert tomorrow and then will be singing a few times at church over the next week. 5. nope. i don't think so.)


Suze said...

1. Yes. We're traveling to KY to see my family, and we'll go to the church service there.
2. Lo how a rose er blooming. It's my dad's favorite, too.
3. There was a doll I really wanted when I was 10. I saved and saved and saved my allowance, and then that fall I got really sick with mono and missed 6 weeks of school. My parents bought me the doll early because they felt bad for me! It's one of the best presents I've ever gotten.
4. Nope! But I went and saw the Messiah.
5. Anya's birthday was this week, and mine is the 29th - so yes!

Scott said...

1. Yes! Too many times. Celebrated my little family's personal holiday on the 10th (i.e. last Saturday before we left for road tripping).

2. The Wexford Carol is probably my favorite tune. But then, for contemporary Christmas songs, I love Tim Minchin's "White Wine in the Sun," the best atheist Christmas song ever.

3. I can't really remember... but I think it was a walkman.

4. Amazingly, NO! But I had a piece that I wrote on a big choral/orchestral holiday concert a couple weeks ago, so maybe that counts even though I wasn't performing myself.

5. Yes! Hanukkah, and the solstice too. My ancestry is all Jewish, so we do Hanukkah as a cultural thing though not a religious one. The more holidays the merrier! And I love celebrating the solstice. Welcoming the sun back into our days, doing nice things for the birds to get them through the darkest days, and so on.

Pam said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Anya and Susan! Happy Hannukkah, Scott! Happy Solstice everybody! :-)