Thursday, November 06, 2014

Running 10 kilometers

This morning it dawns on me that the 10K race I am signed up for is three weeks from today and the last time I went running was three weeks ago.  Clearly I need to start running again today.  It's tricky because now it's dark both before work and after.  But, I can't use that as an excuse if I expect to make any progress.  I'll need either to run after work in the dark today or in the gym in order to make this happen, since it's already too late this morning.  I had been following a program designed by Hal Higdon for eight weeks when I got a cold and lost my momentum.  It would be hard to pick up exactly where I left off, but I think I could adjust the schedule for the next three weeks to gradually build up to where I was.  At this point I don't know that I'll make any progress in terms of speed, but since I've never raced this distance before and I know the exhilaration of being in a race tends to make me run faster than I do on my own, I think I will just aim to get through it without walking.  10 kilometers is about 6.2 miles, which is a distance I have jogged casually on many occasions.  But, it's been three weeks since I've done it.  I know in the grand scheme of things that's not very long ago, but right now it feels like a very large hurdle.  I'm just hoping I can get there without too much pain!

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